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One TV is becoming closer to Cambodians


 One TV becoming closer to Cambodian population

One TV Cambodia has launched its brand new channel packaging in the country. Intending to build its business in Cambodian market as a national operator, One TV has become more flexible to the content-preferences of the local population. And now there are more anticipated Asian TV channels offered than it used to be in old packaging.  Besides, the names of the packages have changed to the national Khmer language.

The first Cambodian digital terrestrial operator One TV now offers a number of Vietnamese, Korean and Thai TV channels. “Mongkol” (translated as “happiness in the family”) consists of 25 channels (mostly local and Asian). It is a family oriented package, offering customers the most familiar and comprehensible content.

The other new package “Oudom” (translated as "the best", "the most") consists of 54 TV channels (including TV package “Mongkol” plus 29 popular international TV channels in Cambodia). Even at this stage this package offer is demonstrating high demand: the number of subscribers is exceeding the amount of subscriptions to the old package “One Premium”.

Mini-package “Moha” is available to those who have already become One TV subscribers. Moha, as translated from Khmer, means "become more", "get better." The package includes 10 most popular international and Asian television channels in Cambodia.

Since the beginning of March the company has been actively carrying out a prize drawing campaign in Cambodia. The lucky draw was announced among the existing subscribers who automatically become participants after top up of their account for a period of two months, as well as for all the new subscribers who bought OneTV offer during March.

Among the variety of prizes the main one is declared as "a trip for two to the Great Wall of China".

In early April, on the eve of the Khmer New Year the list of winners will be announced. Prize draws were picked up for the New Year action not by chance Gambling and various competitions as well as any activities that announce the winner and award him with a prize are extremely popular among Cambodians who are known as fun, venturous and risky people.   

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