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One TV held a campaign to help victims of autumnal floods


In October 2013, the first nationwide digital terrestrial Khmer pay-TV operator - One TV – held a campaign aimed at helping through Cambodia Red Cross victims of the autumnal floods.

According to the government’s data, in autumn 2013 floodwaters affected 1.8 million Cambodians and killed 168 people. There were a number of reports about 15 of the 24 provinces suffering from the floods: 8 provinces including OMC, PVH, Pailine, BMC, Siem Reap, BTB, Pursat, and KgThom were affected by the rain and other 7 provinces including Rattanakiri, ST, Kratie, Kgcham, PV, Kadal, and Phnom Penh were affected by the flooding of the Mekong River.

In response to this national disaster, One TV launched a social campaign within its active subscribers aimed at getting their support and collecting their contribution of One Day Top Up into their One TV account. The money raised was handed over to Cambodia Red Cross. The campaign that lasted 2 days on TV, radio and in One TV offices attracted 450 subscribers and involved One TV into social responsible activities on the Cambodian territory where the project has been successfully operating by October 2013 for already a year.

Mr. Igor Klimko, CEO of One TV, said: “The campaign created amongst our clients and employees the conviction that anyone can contribute into social life of the country. Eager to develop our CSR activities, we are now looking for charity organizations operating in Cambodia to introduce their activities though a number of reports on One TV own channels”.

One TV is a digital terrestrial TV operator in Cambodia. It covers Phnom Penh and 8 major Cambodian regions, i.e. 80% of the population. One TV provides its subscribers with 80 channels including all Khmer channels of the country, its own 3 channels and the most popular Asian and European channels.  

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