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One TV participated in Cambodia SME Industry-Handicraft Fair-2014

On March 28-30, 2014 One TV office participated in the 4th Cambodia SME Industry-Handicraft Fair-2014 aimed at promoting small and medium-sized Khmer enterprises (SMEs). The edition-2014, organized by the Federation of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises of Cambodia and the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce, hosted this year 180 participants.    
One TV employs by now 132 people and this year the company completed the list of those willing to promote their products and services within the Kingdom of Cambodia. “During Cam Inter-Fair our purpose was to show the Khmer population all advantages of Cambodia's first digital pay TV platform, - commented CEO of One TV, Mr. Igor Klimko. – Having created One TV brand we proved everyone that Cambodia can become a self sufficient provider of TV services and offer a wide range of legal and high quality services to all layers of the Khmer society”.   
The edition-2014 was attended by more than 1 000 visitors from a variety of Kingdom`s regions. One TV stand attracted about 100 people interested by the differences between the TV packages offered. 
“I ceased the opportunity and came to the Fair for getting useful information about One TV packages, - said a visitor to the One TV stand. – The event was a good chance to choose the best One TV option for my family and, having hesitated between Mongkol and Oudom packages, I finally opted for the 60-channel offer for 6 USD/month”.     
One TV began its activity in 2012 with 60 TV channels - by today the figure has reached 80 quality channels with clear digital pictures and sound offering a wider range of programs from the Asian region. In 2013, One TV launched its own five channels watched regularly by more than 80% of One TV audience: One TV Info Channel, One TV Classical Karaoke, One TV Modern Karaoke, One TV Cinema and One TV Sabay. 
Press contact: Alevtina Fourriere, a.fourriere@spb.gs.ru.
Additional information:
One TV is a digital terrestrial TV operator in Cambodia. It covers Phnom Penh and 8 major Cambodian regions, i.e. more than 70% of the territory. One TV provides its subscribers with 80 channels including all Khmer channels of the country, its own 5 channels and the most popular Asian and European channels.  


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